Elvira Fournier

Spanish artist born in Toledo in 1997. Her roots are placed in León, in the North of Spain. She has lived in lots of places inside Spain, but also in other countries like Ireland or Uruguay. Graduated in Fine Arts in Madrid and She have a Master in Cultural Management. She is a bit of a free spirit and she is always open-minded to other cultures and ways of thinking. She considers and fells art as a way of life, one international language to unite humanity. Art for Elvira is the tool for expanding our collective concience, essential for all. Her artistic style is abstraction and expressionism. 

«My works need to be observed carefully to analyze all the parts that make up the painting and tell a story. However, the story that is generated is open. That is, each individual obtains their own meaning while observing it. I don’t like to give a closed explanation or tell what I see. I want the people who look at it to make it their own and see what each stroke, shape, and texture evokes in them.

My source of inspiration is nature, spirituality and theology. It is a sensitive and personal painting that channels my own internal world as well as the invisible and intangible energy. The energy that moves the world and the universe.

With my artistic work I hope to create a particular style of my own that serves as a source of knowledge, inspiration and development of human minds. That manages to excite and captivate viewers by offering them a unique vision that they have not seen so far. For me, art serves as a tool to develop individual and collective consciousness. My art offers society a way to connect with its essence and purest part. Art and culture are necessary for society to develop and connect internationally.»

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